1978-1986 Edit

On a beige background, "Whatchamacallit" with each syllable repeating colors orange and yellow, is shown at center.

1986-2003 Edit

On a beige background, the Whatchamacallit name from last time is on a brown strip.

2003-2009 Edit

On a beige background is a brown sunburst with the "Whatchamacallit" name, double curved, with the "cha" and "call" parts underlined.

2009-2016 Edit

Same as last time, except the Hershey's logo is dropped, and the whole wrapper is given shiny bevels.

2016-present Edit

Similar to last time, except the Whatchamacallit name is in a different font, and the background is a collage of comic book pages tinted in beige.

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