Twizzlers Bites are miniature sized versions of Twizzlers, manufactured by The Hershey Company. They were introduced in May 2013 along with Jolly Rancher Bites, both brands have the bites in resealable bags.

Strawberry (May 2013-present) Edit

Packaging consists of:

  • A red background.
  • On the top left, the word "new!" in Gill Sans Ultra Bold font.
  • On the top right, "low fat snack".
  • The word "Twizzlers" in white, outlined in blue, within the outline of red. It has a drop shadow.
  • Below the Twizzlers logo is "Bites" with the top of the "t" bitten and tilted a few degrees left.
  • There are two strawberries.
  • Below, "strawberry" in lowercase Futura Bold font, with "ARTIFICIALLY FLAVORED".
  • two of the bites. They are filled with strawberry creme, and there's an arrow pointing to the creme saying "filled" and below says "fruity twists" in the font for "filled".
  • Net Wt. byline: "NET WT 10 OZ (283g)".

Commercial Edit

It aired on May 2013, just about when the brand released. It's about when the bites cause war on their cavalry allies Jolly Rancher Bites, as the announcer says "New Jolly Rancher and Twizzlers Bites are so soft, chewy and filled with their fruity selves, they think this world is big enough for the both of them. But we assure you, it is."


  • The two allies' leaders have flags which are the logos from the packaging. The JRB leader has a triangular pointed flag with the 2012 Jolly Rancher logo on it and "Bites" at the bottom. The Twizzlers Bites flag is rectangular shaped and has the 1990's Twizzlers logo on it with "Bites" from the packaging.
Hersheys twizzlers cherry bite
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