Pepsi Fire was a cinnamon-flavored cola, also the first-ever cinnamon cola in the soda industry, that was available for three months, between May and August of 2017. Pepsi released this product, as part of a Snapchat sweepstakes, in 12 oz cans, 12-pack boxes and 20 oz bottles.

May-August 2017 Edit

Pepsi Fire 20oz
The bottle, whose cap is navy blue like that of regular Pepsi's, uses the current, easy-to-carry design. Its label consists of a yellow/red background with the 2008 Pepsi logo inside a double-tipped flame of fire. Opposite from that, the soda's name, with the Pepsi name incorporated as the one from 2014 and "FIRE" in a tiki-styled font. On the bottom of the label is a fine-print disclaimer saying "Cinnamon flavored cola. Natural and artificial cinnamon flavor."
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