Nesquik's Chocolate flavor is the most typical of all Nesquik flavors. Beginning in 1998, when "Quik" was changed to "Nesquik," bottled Nesquik was introduced to the main line of products.



There were several packaging designs throughout the years of the time period. The standard packaging consists of:

  • A yellow background.
  • The 1924-1976 Nestle logo, which is the word "NESTLE'S" with the "N" bigger and has the tip of the right parallel extended. The two S'es look like backward Z's. The second E has the accent. It is colored either in brown or in red.
  • "Quik" in blue and in script. It was revised in 1970.
  • A brown triangle is on the bottom of the can. There is a glass of Quik in it.
Nestlé's Quik 1948


  • The Nestle logo is revised.


Quik was renamed "NesQuik" with the "Nes" from the Nestle name as the prefix. The packaging for the Chocolate and Strawberry varieties has a red banner behind the bunny which said "NEW NAME! SAME GREAT TASTE!". The bunny's "Q" ironed on him was also replaced with an "N".


Nesquik old






Packaging consists of:

  • A yellow background, like all Nestle Quik/Nesquik packages do.
  • The Nestle logo colored red.
  • "Nesquik", the logo from 2002, below that.
  • A brown banner with "Chocolate" on it and "FLAVOR" in small text on the bottom.
  • There's a blue square with "25% LESS SUGAR" and "than the leading syrup brand*"
  • The shape and size of the cans with powder have the number of servings depending.
    • 10.9oz: "19 SERVINGS" on the bottom left.
    • 40.7oz: "72 SERVINGS" on the top right because the 40.7oz version is cylinder-shaped.
  • The shape and size of the cans with powder have the number of net weights depending. They include:
    • 10.9oz: "NET WT 10.9 OZ (309g)" on the bottom.
    • 40.7oz: "NET WT/PESO NETTO 40.7 OZ (2.54 LB/1.15kg)"
  • The Bunny is sipping his drink with a red/white striped straw. The glass has water drops on it.


Nesquik new
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