Nesquik (formerly Quik) was introduced in 1948.


  • 1948: The Nestle Company introduced a new kind of milk mix to their line up of products, na
    Nesquik Logo
    med "Quik" as an instant chocolate drink. Its original name of Quik was a direct allusion to the speed and simplicity of its preparation.
  • Early 1950s, In 1955, Nesquik hired ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson to do its advertising on children's television programming. Nelson's dummy Danny O'Day would say that Quik "makes milk a mill-ion" (dollars). Danny and a dog named Farfel would finish the commercials by singing Nestlé's brand-new signature jingle:
  • DannyN-E-S-T-L-E-S,
    Nestlé's makes the very best...
    FarfelChoc-'lateFarfel would finish with the sound of his jaw snapping shut. This effect was accidentally invented when Nelson's sweaty finger (a result of nervousness) slipped off the mouth control during his first audition in front of the Nestlé executives. This would normally be a serious technical mistake for a ventriloquist, but they actually liked it so much they insisted Nelson keep it in. Nelson performed the jingle that way for ten years.
  • 1954: Banana Quik was introduced.
  • 1960: Strawberry Quik was introduced.
  • 1973: A brown Bugs Bunny-like rabbit named "Quiky" was born as the mascot for Nesquik's Chocolate flavor. He talks like Bugs but high pitched, has a letter "Q" ironed on his chest and is voiced by Barry Gordon. By the time he was born, he got a guitar and sung the jingle:*:"It's so rich and thick and choco-lik,
    That you can't...drink it slow...
    if it's Quik! Oh-bo-dee-oh-(slurping sound)
  • 1979: Vanilla Quik was introduced. Discontinued in 2006.
  • 1996: Cookies 'n Creme Quik was introduced. Discontinued in 1998.
  • 1990: Quiky's legs got taller, because when he was born he was short in height.
  • 1999: Quik was renamed Nesquik, and Quiky's "Q" ironed was changed to an "N".
  • 2008: In one commercial, after one slurps the Chocolate Nesquik, Quiky would appear out of nowhere in a hole, and allows that Nesquik owner to join him.
  • April 1, 2013: On Nesquik's Facebook page, they posted an April Fools prank that they launched Brocolli Nesquik. On the bottom left, it said that "THIS IS NOT A REAL NESQUIK PRODUCT".
  • Summer 2013: Quiky is redone in CGI, and runs around the nation putting his two fingers above a person's head to represent "bunny ears". That time, the slogan "Break out the bunny" was launched.

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