Nutty CrunchEdit


For single servings only, packaging has:

  • "NUTTY CRUNCH" with "NUTTY" red and outlined blue and "CRUNCH" in yellow and outlined blue.
Nutty Crunch

Buddy BarsEdit


Packaging has:

  • Four of the bars, one eaten.
  • "8 Buddy Bars" below the Mrs. Freshley's logo.
  • "NET WT 8 OZ (227g) 4-2 OZ (57g) PKGS." on the bottom right.

This was to replace Nutty Crunch in 2006 because it had the same exact formula: a chocolate/peanut butter wafer.


Same as before, except it consists of:

  • There are "12" Buddy Bars instead of "8". The Mrs. Freshley's logo got revised.
  • The number of ounces is "12" and the number of grams is "340" on the bottom right.


Packaging has:

  • The swirls are blue on the right.
  • Two of the Buddy Bars are sitting on the swirls.
  • "Buddy Bars" in a font designed for the new Mrs. Freshley's branding.
  • The number of bars remains the same. Below "Buddy Bars" is a brown line with "12 PEANUT BUTTER WAFERS" with "12" in the font for "Buddy Bars".
  • The number of ounces/grams remains the same.
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