1980-1991 Edit

1991-1996 Edit



The product's name is changed to an action film-esque typeface, along with a swirled green background and a shorthand logo. Starting with this can, the logo is shown twice in two sizes.

2005-2009 Edit

The product's logo has pointed edges, a changed typeface, and a redesigned green background. A caption, "Same Dew, New View" was added on the rim the first year this design was released.


Beginning in 2009, the name was pronounced the same, except the spelling on the logo gets changed to "Mtn Dew" ("mtn" the abbreviation for "Mountain") and its typeface reverts back to the one from 1999. This is the first can to have the logo repeat three times. In Canadian markets, the word "Mountain" is not abbreviated.

2017-present Edit

Early in the year, the background is brighter and the Mountain Dew logo is in extreme close up. On this label, the logo is repeated twice; the smaller logo placed near the nutrition and copyright information.

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