1952-1969 Edit

The first bucket featured Colonel Sanders' head and brown bar with the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" name on it.

1969-1978 Edit

KFC Bucket Late 60's

The Colonel's head was redesigned, and the brown bar was dropped. Red stripes, which KFC's bucket is currently known for, were added.

1978-1991 Edit

KFC 1978 Meal

In 1978, the Colonel's head had thicker outlines and the Kentucky Fried Chicken name was in ITC American Typewriter Condensed.

1991-1997 Edit

It was simply a white background with the logo used a the time.

1997-2006 Edit

A red background with a redesigned Colonel Sanders, now looking more like the actual man himself, with blue shades all over.

2006-2009 Edit

The Colonel was redesigned and now given an apron. The KFC name was replaced with the Kentucky Fried Chicken name from the 1950s.

2009-2010 Edit

To promote a new product, Kentucky Grilled Chicken, the KFC name and the background were swapped, and the "Fried" part was replaced with "Grilled."

2010-2012 Edit

The Colonel appears at center; between both sides of him are a red background with the KFC name, and a white background with the KGC name.

2012-2014 Edit

The Colonel is now placed on a white circle with the phrase "Freshly Prepared". The only text we see is the KFC name. At center is two pieces of chicken. Below are two circles that say "Hand Breaded", "Freshly Cooked", and "Prepared in Our Kitchens".

2014-2015 Edit

This bucket has the slogan, "#HowDoYouKFC"

2014-2016 Edit

This bucket marks the return of the classic red-and-white striped bucket from the 1970s, with the current incarnation of Colonel Sanders' head at center and the KFC name below him.

When KFC brought back the Colonel in 2015, the "Kentucky Fried Chicken" name was also brought back too, placed together with the KFC name. Bucket lids had one of these fake, no-nonsense quotes made up by the Colonel:

  • "There are a few problems a bucket of fried chicken can't solve."
  • "Question all things that don't come in a bucket."
  • "Just don't lick those fingers after applying sunscreen."

2016-present Edit

As part of something called Re-Colonelization, the KFC name was ideologically dropped, and replaced with the Kentucky Fried Chicken name, thus making it completely like how it was from the 1970s.

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