Only on serving pouches, they have:

  • "Honey Bun" in VAG Rounded font.


When Drake's was sold to McKee Foods and they reintroduced Honey Buns as part of the Drake's lineup of brands, the packaging has:

  • "Honey Buns" in VAG Rounded font with the "B" having serifs.
  • "SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $2.99" on the top right.
  • "Individually Wrapped 6 Honey Buns" in ITC Garamond font on the bottom left.
  • "Freshness Garanteed" in a yellow ribbon.
  • "NET WT. 13.96 OZ. (396g)" on the bottom right.
  • Two Honey Buns at the center.

Serving pouches have:

  • "Honey Bun" at the center.
  • "NET WT. 1.90 OZ. (54g)" on the bottom right.