Only on serving pouches, they have:

  • "Honey Bun" in VAG Rounded font.
Honey Bun 2001


Honey Buns 2013

When Drake's was sold to McKee Foods and they reintroduced Honey Buns as part of the Drake's lineup of brands, the packaging has:

  • "Honey Buns" in VAG Rounded font with the "B" having serifs.
  • "SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $2.99" on the top right.
  • "Individually Wrapped 6 Honey Buns" in ITC Garamond font on the bottom left.
  • "Freshness Garanteed" in a yellow ribbon.
  • "NET WT. 13.96 OZ. (396g)" on the bottom right.
  • Two Honey Buns at the center.

Serving pouches have:

  • "Honey Bun" at the center.
  • "NET WT. 1.90 OZ. (54g)" on the bottom right.
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