Frosted Donut Delites are a miniature donut brand manufactured by Drake's Cakes, a division of McKee Foods. They were introduced in the 1980s and were discontinued in 2012 as Drake's was owned by Old HB (stands for "Hostess Brands", as Old HB was formed in 1919, incorporated in 1930, and defunct in 2012). Donut Delites were re-introduced in early 2014 to complete Drake's full lineup of brands.

1980s-1990 Edit

1990-1997 Edit

1997-Novmeber 16,2012 Edit

FDD Package

February 2014-present Edit

Frosted Dount Delites 2014

Packaging consists of:

  • "Frosted Donut Delites", with "Frosted" outlined in brown and "Donut Delites" outlined in orange.
  • "SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $2.49" is on the brown part next to the usual Drake's logo.
  • In the background, it's teal with white swirls around it.
  • Below are four donuts, one was cut in half.
  • Net Wt. byline: "NET WT. 10.5 OZ. (298g)"

The "Freshness Guaranteed" appears on the back on the package, unlike the other Drake's products. The same goes with the Powdered Donut Delites.

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