Froot Loops are a cereal made and manufactured by the Kellogg Company. The pieces are similar to Cheerios, only it's fruit flavored. Since it's introduction, there were orange, lemon and cherry oat rings. It's mascot is an animated Toucan whose beak has yellow-pink-orange-black stripes named Toucan Sam. He is voiced by Mel Blanc, also the voice of most of the Looney Tunes characters. His favorite thing to do was always talk in Pig Latin, singing this jingle: "Crispy and elicious-day, for breakfast or for acking-snay, made with real fruit avor-flay, oot-Fray, oops-Lay!". Beginning in te early 1970s, he spoke fluent English and his catchphrase was "Follow my nose! It always knows! The flavor of fruit, whereever it goes!", otherwise it would be simply "Follow my nose! It always knows!"


Froot Loop box circa 1963

Packaging consists of:

  • A black triangle.
  • "Froot Loops" with the two o's in "Loops" an orange and a lemon and "FLAVORED" in small text between "Froot" and "Loops".
  • A bowl of the loops. As pictured, they're colored pink.
  • A toucan named Sam who is wearing a Carmen Miranda hat with loads of fruit on it. He has three rings on his nose.

Early 1970s-1980sEdit

Packaging consists of:

  • The first box to use a red background.
  • Toucan Sam no longer has a hat.
  • a yellow triangle that said "Fortified with 8 Essential Vitamins & Iron" was added.
  • The cereal is pouring into the bowl from the right.
  • The bowl has pictures of oranges, lemons, and cherries on it.


Packaging consists of:

  • The O's in "FROOT" and "LOOPS" are now made of the cereal.
  • Toucan Sam was redesigned.
  • A yellow banner in the corner that said "FORTIFIED" was added.
  • "NET WT. 15/16 OZ. 27 grams" as pictured.



Packaging consists of:

  • An exclamation point was added after the word "Loops".
  • Toucan now has a green circle with his name on it.
  • Purple loops were added in 1994.
  • A special box was introduced in 1996 that showed a volcano spewing out blue loops.


Packaging consists of:

  • "FROOT LOOPS!" in the same style as before.
  • A close up of Toucan Sam's face, looking left.


Packaging consists of:

  • The Froot Loops logo is now outlined red.
  • Toucan Sam swinging a vine on a tree.

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