The 1986 label marked the return of the traditional Pepsi globe. This marks the first time the Pepsi name is moved to another area instead of inside the globe. The "ONE CALORIE" caption is shifted upward, and the Diet Pepsi name is in Handel Gothic Bold.



Everything except the Pepsi globe is rotated, making the lines go diagonal. This was the first product to add "freshness dating" on the package; a caption saying "For Best Taste, Drink By Date On Bottom Of Can"


The "Diet" part is written in red script, the globe is in CGI and the Pepsi name has a drop shadow.

Late in the year, the globe increased in size and all typography is bolder.

In 1999, the slogan, "So light, so crisp, so refreshing" is added.

February 2002-2007Edit

The background is teal, the "Diet" script was facelifted and the Pepsi name is tilted. On the edge of the Pepsi globe is a slogan that read, "Light, Crisp, Refreshing".

One year later, the Pepsi name matched the one used on regular Pepsi.

In 2005, the "Diet" part decreased in size.


A silver oval accompanies the Diet Pepsi logo, whose typography has the "diet" part in lowercase print, and the 2003 Pepsi name. On most occasions, the Pepsi globe is shifted down.

December 2008-2014Edit

As part of redesigning all labels in December 2008, the globe was redesigned to resemble a grinning face.

In 2010, the "smile" globe replaced the "grin" globe.

2014-August 2015Edit

Everything is shifted; the Pepsi globe and the Diet Pepsi name appearing vertically.

Diet Pepsi Lime and Diet Pepsi Vanilla were discontinued during this time.

August 2015-February 2018 Edit

When all Diet Pepsi varieties were reformulated to not include aspartame, "Now Aspartame Free" is written on the edge of the Pepsi globe.

In 2016, an individual Diet Pepsi with aspartame, called the Classic Sweetener Blend, was released. Its label is the same as the current silver label, except it's a teal background, the typography from 2002 is used, and the caption on the Pepsi Globe reads, "Classic Sweetener Blend" It was discontinued in late 2017.

February 2018-present Edit

Due to Diet Pepsi's formula adding aspartame permanently, the entire logo is smaller and adds a new caption, "Classic Diet Pepsi Taste".

March 2018-present Edit

As part of 2018's "retro labels", Diet Pepsi's label is the current grey background with the 1986 can design. The bottom of the label reads "Classic Diet Pepsi Taste, Retro Design".

At first, a retro edition Diet Pepsi 12-pack, 24-pack and 2-liter bottle were all leaked on, in which a reworked 1986 Diet Pepsi logo was the main label.

In May, less than two months after the leaking, 12 oz cans and 20 oz bottles using the retro-design gimmick was confirmed, as a series of three "Music Generations" labels was announced. These include the 1986 DP logo with Michael Jackson, the 1991 logo with Ray Charles and the 1998 logo with Britney Spears.

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