Caffeine Free Pepsi was introduced, under the brand name Pepsi Free, in 1982 by PepsiCo as the first major-brand caffeine-free cola in years. A diet variant, then known as Diet Pepsi Free, was also introduced. The Pepsi Free name itself was phased out in 1987, and today these colas are known simply as Caffeine Free Pepsi and Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.

Pepsi Free Edit

1982-1986 Edit

Pepsi Free, a caffeine free cola, was introduced in 1982.

1986-1987 Edit

Pepsi Free's logo got changed in 1986 to include an all-uppercase ITC Handel Gothic Bold font.

Caffeine Free PepsiEdit

1987-1991 Edit

Pepsi Free got its name changed to Caffeine Free Pepsi in 1988, and a red background was replaced with a gold background.

1991-1997 Edit

Caffeine Free Pepsi's label got the redesigned treatment in 1991, replacing the white background with a gold one.

1997-2003 Edit

Although it's the same as regular Pepsi's label, but in its first year, the Pepsi name was gold, and "Caffeine Free" shown twice, on a gold banner on the rim, and in Futura Bold Condensed Italics.

Late in 1997, both parts of the bigger text got their colors swapped, and the "Caffeine Free" part was written in ITC Handel Gothic Italics.

2003-2009 Edit

Same label as regular Pepsi's, except the Pepsi name is in gold, and like last time, the rim of the can is gold and says "Caffeine Free"

2009-2014 Edit

In 2009, all labels for all seven Pepsi products got redesigned the same way. Caffeine Free Pepsi's label is the same as regular Pepsi's except the background is gold, and the name reads "Caffeine Free Pepsi"

2014-present Edit

In 2014, the label was the same as regular Pepsi's, except the background is gold and the product reads "Pepsi Caffeine Free".